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Obamania and the Matrix

Interesting explanation for Obamania in a letter to the editor in the FT: How Barack Obama has tapped into American consciousness Published: February 29 2008 02:00 | Last updated: February 29 2008 02:00 From Mr Louis Brennan. Sir, Gideon Rachman is correct in his analysis of Barack Obama’s words as vague to the point of vacuity (“Obama and the art of empty rhetoric”, February 26). However, he fails to appreciate why they nonetheless have such impact. By using a phraseology in his politicking that bears an uncanny similarity to that of the movie The Matrix, Senator Obama has brilliantly infused himself into the consciousness of America, where fantasy and reality seamlessly overlap. After all, Hollywood is America, America is Hollywood. Louis Brennan, Blackrock, Co Dublin, Ireland Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2008