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It’s Sunny in Nicosia—Why Not in Jerusalem?

Read more: on Takimag STRATEGY It’s Sunny in Nicosia—Why Not in Jerusalem? by Leon Hadar August 08, 2011 So you feel worn-out by the never-ending “peace process” involving two ethno-religious communities and their competing claims over a disputed territory. And you are not surprised to learn that the latest round of peace processing has ground to a halt. But never give up hope—President Dimitris Christofias of Cyprus is under international pressure to deliver a peace blueprint when he and Turkish Cypriot leader Dervis Eroglu meet UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in October. But ever since UN-sponsored peace talks restarted in September 2008, there has been no evidence of progress. And the “international community” is impatient. Substitute “Christofias and Eroglu” with “Abbas and Netanyahu,” and you may be forgiven for imagining that you were watching an Arab-Israeli fi