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Republicans seem to be their own worst enemy

Business Times - 22 Jun 2010 Republicans seem to be their own worst enemy Republican Joe Barton's apology to BP's Mr Hayward only served to help the Democrats By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT THE conventional wisdom in Washington after US President Barack Obama's televised Oval Office address on the Gulf of Mexico's oil spill was that Mr Obama and the Democrats were going to suffer a lousy political week. Opinion polls continued to reflect diminishing public support for the Democratic White House occupant. So, considering the zero-sum nature of current American politics, the bad news for the Democrats could only mean that the political week would end up with a huge win for the opposition. Indeed, the expectation on Capitol Hill and the media last Tuesday was that the Republicans were going to exploit the ineffective performance of the president and the American people's anger over the environmental catastrophe in the Gulf Coast - not to mention the sluggish ec