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How culture affects Sino-US ties

Business Times - 08 Dec 2010 How culture affects Sino-US ties Gap between their cultures is bridgeable, and when the two interact, resulting synergy can be very attractive and exciting By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT THEORISTS of international relations who belong to the 'realist' school of thought have focused a lot of attention recently on the relationship between a dominant power whose interests lie in the maintenance of the global status quo and a rising power that is inclined to challenge the existing balance of power. The 'realists' are those who tend to place an emphasis on the role that national interest and security considerations - as opposed to ideology and culture factors - play in the formation of foreign policy. One of the interesting questions that fascinates these scholars is why the collision between one rising power - Germany - and a status quo one - Britain - ended up igniting two long and costly wars in the 20th century, while a similar clash