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Will Obama Bow to Netanyahu? (IN TNI)

Published on The National Interest ( Source URL (retrieved on Mar 8, 2012): Will Obama Bow to Netanyahu? Share on email Share on twitter Share on facebook Share on digg | More Sharing ServicesMore [1] | March 8, 2012 Leon Hadar [2] Since entering office three years ago, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has demonstrated that he was familiar with Colson Principle. The idea is named after President Nixon’s general counsel Charles (“Chuck”) Colson, who according to legend had a plaque in his office that would have made even Machiavelli blush with embarrassment: “If you got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow. Bibi has indeed turned up the pressure on President Obama during his meetings in Washington this week. With members of the Israel lobby and the Republican presidential candidates adding to the squeeze, Netanyahu has been operating a political remote control that