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McCain's V-P choice isn't presidential material

Business Times - 05 Sep 2008 By LEON HADAR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT A FEW years ago, I was hired as a part-time 'contract worker' by an agency of the US federal government. No, it wasn't the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or, for that matter, any other national security government agency. Although I am an American citizen and have no criminal record, my boss insisted that since my parents were not born in the US, I had to go through a security examination. What followed were several months of rigorous investigation by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agents, who among other things interviewed my family members and friends, former employers, university professors, etc, and studied a very long questionnaire I had to fill and on which I had to list all my places of residences going back to high school. I mention one of the least important chapters in my life in order to contrast this experience with that of the person who could in a few months not only have access to t