Carter: A Jew Hater?

I haven't read Jimmy Carter's new book, Palestine: Peace not Apartheid," and I'll probably browse during my weekend visits to Border's and Barnes&Noble. But I did follow all the angry reactions including in Jimmy Carter, Palestinian Sympathizer in which Alan Dershowitz is quoted saying that "It's obvious that Mr. Carter just doesn't like Israel or Israelis" while Marty Peretz predicts in the magazine his wife had bought him once that Carter "will go down in history a Jew hater." In my Special Relationship: A one-sided U.S. policy toward Israel endangers both countries’ interests which was published in the American Conservative I refer to Carter:
Indeed, Washington’s ability to play the role of an honest broker between Israel and Egypt (and Syria) after the 1973 Middle East War was only made possible when Richard Nixon re-established diplomatic ties with Cairo, co-opting it into the pro-American camp. It was the even-handed U.S. role that made it possible for Jimmy Carter to mediate the historic peace agreement between Israel and Egypt in 1979 and for George H.W. Bush to launch a round of Israeli-Arab negotiations after the Gulf War in 1991 that resulted in the peace accords between Israel and the PLO and Jordan. Hence, from an Israeli perspective that regards peace with the Arabs as a top national interest, the pressure by Nixon, Carter, and Bush to withdraw from occupied Arab territories in exchange for peace reflected a genuinely pro-Israeli direction of U.S. policy since the agreements with Egypt, the Palestinians, and Jordan advanced the Jewish state’s long-term strategic interests. But if you were listening to the proponents of Greater Israel in Jerusalem and Washington, Nixon, Carter, and Bush were the enemies of Jewish people.

And I also discuss the "pro-Israeli" administration of W.
Consider the results of U.S. policies—the coming to power of radical Shi’ites in Baghdad and the strengthening influence of Iran and its allies; the radicalization of the Palestinians, the election of Hamas, and an environment less conducive for Arab-Israel peace; the growing isolation of the U.S. and Israel in the Middle East, in Europe, and around the world. Is it surprising that Israelis are asking: if we have a pro-Israeli administration in Washington, how would a anti-Israeli one look?

So I'm not sure whether Carter doesn't like Israelis or hates Jews but from my perspective, he would go down in history as someone who made a huge contribution to Israel's security through his successful mediation of the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty.


Anonymous said…
If Carter is a Hater, one wonders what does that make Menachem Begin?

Was his Irgun stint all a deep penetration ploy by the Ashkernazis and Labour to get their sleeper agent in place to surrender at Camp David to the J.C. the Hater (oh the sublime coincidence) and Sadat? One can only surmise how Likud tumbled to his perfidy after the 1983 Lebanon debacle. And precisely how does peace with Egypt the last 30 years whhich effectively neutralized the Syrian military equate to hatred? Must have missed Miriam's Hudson/MEMRI explanation.

I too have not read Carter's book (and have a long standing position in any event that there should be an 18 month moratorium on ANYONE writing another book -- a Book As Self Marketing Schtick Holiday (tm)). But as I heard him on tv the other day, much of what he said seemed congruent with things Martin van Creveld has been saying, as well, albeit from the military perspective. Perhaps we need to thank the Wurmsers, Dershowitz et al. for unmasking another Hating mole there as well.

P.S. Welcome back! We missed your blog. One of the most consistently funny and insightful around.
sean said…
A few questions:

You are suggesting that the current regime in Baghdad is more hostile to Israel that the previous one? That's not true.

Why does the American government bear responsibility for the worldwide popularity or unpopularity of both the United States and Israel? Doesn't the Israeli government bear any responsibility? Why don't the Israelis you quote analyze and explain what Israeli actions cause everyone in Europe to hate Israel, rather than evading responsibility by blaming everything on America?
Anonymous said…
Does anyone else think that Israel should be returned to its "Royal Grant" borders from God Almighty by American Military force?

If you listen to the Rature-Right, we should be starting wars with Iran, Sryria, and Lebanon all so we can push Israel's borders all the way to the Euphrates river, just like it was detailed to be from God to Abraham in the Old Testament.

Problem is (of course) is that it would take WW3 to do this. However, if you listen to Christian leaders like John Hagee, Israel is "destined" to have all this land. I dont think the Arabs are gonna walk off it by their own accord anytime soon. Thus, the neo-cons, if it is their goal to expand Israel eastwards, will always have an ally in the "far" Christian right here in America. In their minds, they are hastening Armaggedon and Christ coming in the clouds by doing so. I have to listen to this stuff (my parents) all the time. They literally get excited at the prospect of a huge war in the middle east. There are millions like them.

The only long term solution for Israel in my opinion is to set a border and build a huge wall. A concrete one, about 100 ft. high. Then import labor from other areas of the planet (east Asia) and have little or nothing to do with their neighbors other than sending food relief and charity when they need it. Even then, she will still be hated. Good fences make good neighbors. The agitators in Arabia never will want to live in peace with Israel and will always blame her for any internal problems they have. The only real solution is for both sides to spend as little face time with one another as possible.

Carter will go down in history as a president who oversaw gas lines and stagflation and a weak military. The peace accord between Israel and Egypt one of his few accomplishments. I wish that his forays into alternative energy (solar panels on the White House roof) would have been more fruitful, but he didn't have enough time for those to work. He wasn't the disaster that Rush Limbaugh would have anyone believe, but he wasn't very effective either. He has always seemed to "be on the Palestinians side" to me in all honesty. Perhaps that is something of a concocted pose so he is at least listened to by the Arabs and as seen as even-handed by their side? He's a pol, so I automatically conclude half of what he says is dubious before he even speaks.
Leon Hadar said…
Thanks to Dr. Strauss for his kind comments. I'll eventually read the book at some point in the near future perhaps as we march forward in Iraq and our victory there. Sean. Difficult to measure "hostility" but I think that the saddam regime was a secular nationalist and open to maintaining the status quo. I'm not suggesting what you suggest I'm suggesting. I'm suggesting that U.S. policy provides (dis)incentives for Israeli policymakers and in the case of Lebanon and the west bank it resulted in dissaster for both Israel and the U.S.
Anonymous said…
The Carter-hates-the-Jews line was trotted out on Fox News last night. I'll be surprised if in the near future he is not accused of draining the blood of Christian children to make matzos. Whoops! wrong conservative smear.
Anonymous said…
Some of the people who are hopping on the Carter-is-a-hater bandwagon view Israel as a modern crusader castle manned by unwitting unrapturable Jewish mercenaries.
Anonymous said…
Obviously there is a tremendous amount of irony there - because they are often seem an unwitting themselves. Bottom line though - Cater was Israel' best President - precisely because Camp David - Carter is like a good Doctor with a horrible bedside manner. The title of his book is what is causing so much anger - precisely because he explains it only refers to a remnant of British Palestine.
Anonymous said…
This is a different anonymous than the first anonymous posting - But this anonymous concurs with their ambivalence about Carter as a whole - He was a good President - but for Israel, not so much the US. That's is something the radio righthas trouble comprehending.

He is sometimes annoying - But the reason his critics now view him as a hater rather than the far right fundamentalists is because they wrongly view the latter as mentally unthreatening, as opposed to Carter's presumed intelligence. But that's just not so and actually reflects a general sense of malais and lack of confidence on the part of the anti Carter ideologues.
Anonymous said…
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