Punditry circa 2015..

(According to the British National Party...)

Dr. Strauss has been the inspiration and role-model for my blog. Checkouthis latest exchange with a reader. Apropos 2015. Did you know that on September 9if Queen Elizabeth II is still alive, she will become the longest-reigning monarch in British History, surpassing Queen Victoria?.


sufferwords said…
Thanks for all your posts fascinating

Anonymous said…
Thanks for your link to the exchange - very pleased you iiked 'cause I see from your blog you have a good sense of humor and a good read on things (ex: cole, et al)

Make sure to head back and read it again - I just added a few more updated of 2015 debates betweem various contemporary politicos.

Since you write for Amconmag - you may especially like the last reply from a 2015 Pat. Or maybe you'll hate it. Who knows. Ha.

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