U.S.-Pakistan: The more things change...

February 28, 2002
If Iraq, Iran, and North Korea Are the "Axis of Evil," Why Is Pakistan an Ally?

October 19, 2003
The Real War On Terrorism Is In Pakistan, Not Iraq

October 20, 2003The Real Threat of New Terrorism Is From Pakistan

March 1, 2004Were We All Wrong About Pakistan, Too?

(Los Anegeles Times)April 5, 2004Outsourcing the Hunt for Bin Laden

May 8, 2002
Policy Analysis no. 436Pakistan in America's War against Terrorism: Strategic Ally or Unreliable Client?


aelkus said…
We're playing a dangerous game with Pakistan---especially considering their nuclear arsenal and their military and intelligence services' heavy Islamist sympathies.
Anonymous said…
Leon - You're the only accurate pundit.

How come you don't get paid more than Tom Friedman and Hitchens put together?
Leon Hadar said…
They are playing let's-buy-some-time before Musharraf is kicked out from power, hopefully when we won't be in the White House.. Thanks, anonymous...hey, how do you know that I don't make more than Tom and Hitch? Well, it happens to be true. Do...let me know when you hear about something..
Anonymous said…
hello...Musharraf is relatively young and doing better than we think...His speech to his people immediatly after Sept. 2001 is still in play and he is likely to stick around longer than is believed...He negotiates Pakistan though a unique path with Iran, China, India, Afghanistan, Taliban, Euro, US and others...His message is the old call of States Rights and what are you modernists willing to give us to give up our traditions...He flat out said 5 years ago that"we need schools, are you going to help us?"...yes he got his book deal and retirement plan so he's probably adaptable but he has been a good leader to his people first, all his people...The Times they are a Changin...slowly
Anonymous said…
How do I know? I think you alluded to that in a past post - or mentioned Friedman's outlandish lecture fees. In any event - Friedman lecture pay is always in the news, as is Hitchens, so it only stands to reason that they are more overpaid than 99.9 percent other pundits - And they are wrong about everything.
Anonymous said…
Hello...Friedman and Hitchens are entertainers. Like stock market gurus,after a while you don't expect them to be accurate. Richard Ney delivered a show not facts...Some are operatives too; Condi might as well join others in the press as she is all set to be a terrif taking head. The setting of actual on the ground and in the air "forward policy" is way above the pay grades of all these mentioned. Rock On
Leon Hadar said…
Mushi will be around as long as the military and the intelligence services are behind him. Also they have a lot of problems outside of Punjab. So..we'll see. Anonymous, the best example of why you don't have to make accurate predictions in order to make it in Washington is Kenneth Pollack who was so, so wrong on Iraq, and is now propsering as he makes predictions on Iran... Hitches is entertaining. I'm not so sure about Friedman. Thanks guys. What do you do when you don't blog? Hope to hear from you.
Anonymous said…
Hello...Condi would be a terrif talking head (Fox news analyst)-excuse my proofreading...oh my what would my mother say. I'm a has-been who once opened for the Clash on their first tour. Music is a poor way to make a living, political economy is a fascinating hobby. My latest kick is that Obama will be the biggest groundswell candidate since Eisenhower for a lot of reasons and a new Democratic cabinet/foreign policy team will emerge from the field of also-rans. This will be the puppet regime replacing the shadow government that came in from the cold.

Mr. Hadar, as mentioned in my Feb 20 comment I saw you in a c-span symposium uttering an original idea(wow)at least to this mouth-breathing nit-wit. China is my focus so this seemed like a place to talk as I never felt compelled to type to anyone on a computer before. I must say that I might forget from time to time just which post I'm commenting on...Thanks

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