If you're in Peoria...

...I wanted to let you know that I'll be apearing in an event sponsored by the Peoria Area World Affairs Council on U.S.-Iran relationship in Barrack's Cater Inn on Pioneer Parkway on April 19. Reception: 5:30, dinner at 6:00 and presentation at 7:00. Also my colleague from the Cato Institute, Chris Preble and I will address an event sponsored by Augustana College in collaboration with the World Affairs Council of the Quad-Cities on the same topic on April 17, at the Olin Auditorium at 7:00. All of this will happen if the weather will permit us to leave DC on Tuesday!


Anonymous said…
Dr. Hadar: Frankly, I am rather shocked.

Being a very late American to realize the impact of "globalization" - I, personally, do not find that these people lied to us because it's what they do and have done, since the beginning of the lust for total power as faux gods.

I have read your credentials. I also read the article at globalresearch, and some of the incredible work you've produced as a very impressive scholar, here at your blog.

You are obviously schooled in the fine art of political obfuscation, too.

My own background has mostly been in the fine art of creating sculpture as well as other visual arts. But in order to do this, because of what happened to the US during the 1980s, I finally ended up working as a mortgage finance professional, during the 1990s.

The 1980s is a long story. What prompted me to say something about it to you was the writing you have demonstrated, regarding a movie that portrayed a homeless woman who was killed.

I can tell you a few very tragic stories of women who were homeless during the 1980s and you would more than weep.

But what's on our not so distant horizon is a financial collapse the likes none of us understand and it's a major disruption compared to what we experienced during the 1980s.

Mostly those of us who have been out of the quasi-political loop have been wandering around in search of legitimate answers, however, still completely in the dark with respect to how this country was, and is, nothing more than a gambling chip for those who actually believe they're sane.

You prove my point about one who has been part of the in-crowd and yet kept as none other than a pawn to shuffle around the great global game board.

Thus, I don't feel so badly about not getting the jest of this, sooner. I'm a slow but gifted learner I guess.

Furthermore, now that I've experienced the truth about the people who have constructed the hydra-headed monster machine, the multiple fancy named humanitarian and globalization hands to hold onto the imperial power - well, those of you who trusted this darkness as though it was/is light - now understand, too, I hope?

All that goes around comes around. The reality which has been force fed to others on the planet is no longer acceptable to the minds that can still think in spite of all the DU in the atmosphere and let's not forget the chemicals in our skies to keep our brains wondering whether or not there is a synapse firing. Choices for our selves, to make decisions that impact our own personal lives, have been diminishing since long before the 1980s.

China has given the dictate that the US is "too democratic" and the Asian Central Banks now dominate the money market of the US.

I wonder what all those who actually trusted the lies think about our future - the one that's coming for poor people who were once middle class.

I've been there once and so I'm no stranger to the "leaders" "selling us down the river."

But there are many during this coming time who do not have a clue and those who are now experiencing the reality of "globalization" may come to honor and understand why the founders of our Constitution in the United States were visionaries of this time, as well.

Why any so called leaders of the free world would decide to join on the bandwagon of families that couldn't care less about words such as, freedom and liberty, and work to destroy the finest system of hard working creative entrepreneurs on the planet, is a mystery to me.

Anonymous said…
Leon - your comment spam is getting creative
Leon Hadar said…
Thanks for the comments and the kind words, although I'm not sure whether this a critique of my piece in the Asia Times. I'm also not certain about what parts of my article were you shocked about.

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