The last days of the Bush Administration

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Anonymous said…
Ive said it a zillion times, but the best way to help Israel is to get off oil and get on nuclear, clean coal, wind, geo-thermal, and solar and usage of plug-in hybrids while looking for what oil we need in the meantime elsewhere.

A slow, subtle secularization of the Arabian media, underwritten surreptitiously by us to be employed over the next three generations or so could also swipe the fervor of fundamentalist Islam. The secularization of the West has left the west un-warlike with below-replacement birhtrates. The west as recently as 1940 was a very different place. Similar things can happen in Arabia in this time frame.

Im beginning to think that religious belief will have to be eradicated slowly by propaganda and pointing out the huge inconsistencies in all religions for humankind not to have another huge world war with much more advanced weapons than those used in the 40's. Only religious fervor and relgious-race-hatreds can motivate the kinds of fanatics we are dealing with in the middle east. If we could make them question their zany beliefs (and our own rapture reverunds theirs), we could have a peace that would really last while humanity attempts to tackle lesser problems that Armageddon-esqe wars over ancient texts.
Anonymous said…
...three generations or so-hey pops get with it...Beatles, Dylan and James Brown (or pick your own) destroyed Commies and the KKK world wide in a generation and a half with no cell phones, internet or cable TV...the contradictions of old time players using the new tools will play out long before 2020.

Today's Lenny Bruce thought is that Dow Jones is an asset that should be priced as a political tool. So to bring the highest value to shareholders (the old sop)why don't foreign governments and other global players get in the act? Iran, Dutch off-shore wealth, China, alien-players and local LBOers. I guess I'll buy the Wall Street Journal tomorrow and see what's up. Hey it's where I first heard about neo-conseratism, the Taliban and the Bus Boys (great local LA group that didn't really happen).

Anonymous said…

$300 billion spent onthe Iraq war, or is it $400 billion?. Anyway, whatever amount it is, its a sh-tload of money wasted, just thrown away.

Imagine what we could do with $300B in transforming transportation systems, researching alternative fuel sources and power systems, i.e. investing in developing sustainability.

The bigger question for all of us is that unless we develop economic and social models that take into account the planet is neither an infinite resource source nor infinite waste sink, we ain't gonna be around in 3 generations - at least not in our current societal form anyway -
to care about what the muslims are doing.

As for George Bush man I'm so looking forward to when he's blundering around on the golf course haplessly trying to improve his golf swing rather than haplessly blundering around the world trying to "support democracy" . . as if he had any clue what that meant - Patriot Act - pah!

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