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Bye, bye and check-out my Innocent Abroad: Karen Hughes’s mission impossible.
And... the new issue of the American Conservative carries my Osama's Man in America -- His job: keep the Viagra and the gossip flowing while praying for a Giuliani victory. It's not online yet, but if you click on the pics below you could (I hope) read it:


Anonymous said…
We have noticed seeing less and less Mexicans around Nashville in the past few months, and Ive openly wondered if the Bush Admin is doing this hoping to seal off a bit of this issue for Guiliani, who is extremely weak on it with the voters.

It doesn't look quite like Tiujuana anymore, just Los Angeles.

Pat Robertson is a disgrace, I cannot believe he endorsed the husband of the Vagina Monologues creator, an ardent abortion supporter, and open-borders advoctate (who financially literally hurts many of his followers), a gay-rights enthusiast (not mere 'supporter), and interventionist foreign policy strategist. I guess Robertson either wants more personal prestige or wants to go to war with Islam, but he sure doesn't want whats best for the USA.

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