EU Expansion to Israel and Palestine?

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Anonymous said…
lemme get this straight....................Islam spreads into Europe via Kosovo legitamately but Europe wants to spread into the Middle East?

Isnt that kind of like the US ceding California and New Mexico to Mexico, but claiming Panama as the fifty-first state?

I have to be honest about Europe, and Ive pasted this example all over the net' to "raise conciousness". Recently an article came to my attention showing how 2 muslim immigrants had 12 kids on welfare in Britan, and the man quit his job on purpose because it pays more to have the 12 kids than it does to work.

Europe is going to lose and become Islamic. Its simple math.

Europe's birthrate is about 1.6 or so. Therefore 20 people become 16 and 16 become 13 and so on.

20---to-----13 in two generations

Islam is having 3 kids apiece.


See that........? 20 Euros become 13 and 20 Islamicists become 45 grandchildren?

45 is three and a half times as many as 13. This only takes sixty or seventy years to happen.

The west needs to court Russian and Eastern Europe as allies more than ever and plan for a time when France, England, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands will be on Iran's side, and will have nukes. We also might prepare (if they let them leave) for a huge group of would-be white European immigrants who desperately want to live in America, Canada, Russia, and Australia in about 30 more years when things get very dangerous for them there.

Demographic momentum is very hard to slow down. Islamic propaganda talk of "when we have the numbers" openly in their publications now. Its an "open" conspiracy amongst them. The EU, which has made it hard for decent working people who work to afford children, has made it easy for welfare-recieving Islamicists to breed. They wont address this until its too late as so many leftist hate the west for philosophical reasons so much that they actually want it defeated by Islam (read them, I have).

If I were a betting man (and Im not anymore), the trends and the math favor Islam. One in four kids in Britan has a foreign parent. Native Brits are leaving Britan like never before in huge numbers, draining educated and technological talent. Muhammed is the second most popular boys name in Denmark now. I think something like one-in-four babies born in Denmark is to a Muslim now.

You mix feminism and Islam in any nation and this is what you will get. I predict alot of Europeans will simply, under threat of physical violence, convert and sit in mosques daydreaming about other things someday "pretending" to believe and thinking they can undermine Islam from the inside out, but will find that its very dangerous to their health physcially to do so. Islam isn't like Christianity was, its a hell of alot more zealous.

You read people who think that we will "secularize" them and "get their youth", but what is there to really want to emulate about dying nations in which men are emasculated and not kings in their own goddamned homes? Why would Islamic men want to live in fear of their wives divorcing them and ruining their lives financially or live in fear of being accused of harrassment or racism and where every movie paints them as the "bad guy". Who in the hell wants that when Islam tells them they are working towards 4 wives, ownership of the green continent, dhimmini-former-european slaves, and victory for Islam? What would any 15 year old choose; to fight and be a radical or be a euroweenie?

Like I said................If I were a betting man.......

BTW---Ive looked on some leftist blogs (Pandagon in particular). Expect absolutely no help at all from the left. In fact, they will help Islam. They get mad when you mention birthrates of 1.2 in Spain and casitigate you for it using the environment, racism, sexism and every arrow in their Frankfurt-school-squiver. I kind of think of it as Marxists who wish to defeat the west at all costs, even inducing an asteroid to strike the west with a seance if they could---in order to obtain a "final victory" over the west to make up for the cold war. They are "dead-enders" in the culture war. I guess they plan to convert when they are forced to or something, but they will never be on our side, no matter how ridiculous it gets. They are Islam's big ally in the west.

yes, yes..........I know Im such a cynic.

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