Obama and the Middle East

Philip Weiss and Justin Raimondo have posted interesting stuff on the topic. I think that among members of the "organized" American-Jewish community there is a lot of concern about him, much more than has been exprssed publicly. It's not that he is regarded as a "Moslem." He is just someone whom they cannot take for granted and who could turn out to be another Carter (he'll to be make peace and be a "honest broker") or --God forbid! -- could become a "Jesse-Jackson Lite." (There has been a lot of tensions between Jews and blacks over Israel and other issues). But I don't think that AIPAC and by extension, the Israeli government want to be depicted as the force that has tried to sabotage chance of the first African-American figure in getting into the White House, especially since he is backed also by so many Democrats, including young voters. Hence the opposition to him among "Jewish leaders" tends to be low-key (reflected perhaps in the funds that Hillary is getting in recent days). The "Jewish vote" could still play a marginal role in the Democratic primaries in Ohio and Pennsylvania. But I don't think that it's going to make a difference. And based on anecdotal evidence, many young American-Jews like Obama. It's the Hispanics in Texas and the blue-collar types that are going to determine the outcome of the next primaries. But if Obama runs against McCain, expect a fierce competition over Jewish voters, although my prediction is that the majority of American-Jewish voters are going to vote for the Democratic candidate.


Anonymous said…
thanks for interesting posts !
i can understand mr.weiss who is end of the day a liberal dem who wants a change in US plicy re middle east and israel .
i am bit surprised at mr.raimondo claiming obama as an " anti-war " candidate . obama ( and his supporters ) are firm belivers in US empire , want bigger military and more moneys for that , more war in afganistan and war on pakistan , will not close any bases and bring back troops home , talk from three sides of mouth when it comes to iran and firm supporters of Israli colonialist agenda and on and on .. he is typically lot more sharper than this . clutching at the straw now that ron paul has basically thrown in towel ?
Anonymous said…
i meant advisers and not supporters of obama .
Leon Hadar said…
Well...I think his main focus was the opposition to Obama. In any case, I suppose that on a foreign policy continiuum from McCain through Hillary to Obama, you choose the least worst...
Anonymous said…
I don't think Ron Paul can win the organized Jewish vote - At this point.

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