Profile in Courage

(meeting with Seniors for Hillary)

Last night during her televised debate with Obama, Hillary contrasted her "denouncement" of the Independent Party in NY with Obama's "rejection" of endorsement by Louis Farrakhan. TPM Cafe throws a light on that Great Moment in History -- The Clinton-Buchanan Clash of 2000 with this old report from the NYT:
The two candidates for United States Senate sought the endorsement of the fractious Independence Party here today, but Hillary Rodham Clinton used her speech to attack the group for what she said was the ''anti-Semitism, extremism, prejudice and intolerance of a few shrill voices on both the right and the left.''

Mrs. Clinton added that she welcomed the endorsement of the party, but said emphatically that she would not accept it if the party supported Patrick J. Buchanan for president. ''I cannot and will not as the price for any endorsement embrace or excuse those who use hateful rhetoric that separates and divides,'' she said. ''So let me be just very clear: I will not run on a line with Pat Buchanan on the top of the ticket.''

As TPM Cafe points out "It doesn't sound like denouncing and rejecting to me." And in any case, it doesn't take a lot guts to challenge "anti-Semites" (real or imaginary) in NY.

Steve Sailer puts all the Hillay-Obama debate over Farrakhan in an interesting context here. He raises an important issue: The problem with "Minister" Farrakhan is that he is a black racist and an anti-Semite.


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